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Reviews for "Bandit Breeding (18+)"

This is some of the best fucking I've seen in any games in a while personally. I'm not much of a fan of broken up sex scenes but in this style, the graphics and flow of motion were really nice. Great work.

Derpixon responds:

Thank you :3

First off: I fully acknowledge my name is fucking dumb. I'm just don't care enough to do something about it.
Second: Your animations are by far some of the best work on here, let alone just being adult based.
I'd go as far as to say you're better than artists like jasonafex and all that simply for satisfying content rather than putting out basically the exact same motion of animation that moves slightly faster until a very anti-climatic cum "scene."
I've already typed more than I thought I would bother to.
Point is: Is gud.

This is the best I've seen on here in a long while, really great job.

that was damn awesome. Loved the Easter egg. totally worth the time to find it. will there be a sequel to this?

I really enjoy the x-ray