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Reviews for "Bandit Breeding (18+)"

Nice animation and a fair amount of variety for a small flash game.

Easter Egg: Do not click end after exploring all the choices. Try repeating several time and pay attention to the character's expression on the choice menu. There will be several changes, and you will know what is the Easter Egg when it come.

Derpixon responds:

What do you mean Easter Egg? :O

Really amazing work, the little animations in the intro add a lot to the story, and the H scenes are fantastic!

And I think the easter egg is the impregnation scene that happens when you rewatch some scenes more than once, after her expression changes. But I could be wrong...

Derpixon responds:

Sir, that's confidential stuff right there :O

The animation is so fluid and the sounds add to it so well that I want to cry, but more than that, I wanna know about that freaking easter egg! TTwTT

I wouldn't say this is the best hentai game on NG, but it's certainly not without its charm. The animation is nice, though the music and sound-effects get rather repetitive after a while.

I do like that this game gives us a nice variety of positions, which is something most hentai games on this site tend to lack. Like Shadowforce001 said, I'm personally not a fan of rape/capture scenarios, but I do appreciate the inclusion of a story for this game, as well. :)

Derpixon responds:

Thank you, I'll balance the type of content next time :3

Excellent game, plenty of choices, good animation, but that damn Easter Egg is eluding me.

Derpixon responds: