Reviews for "SAJ2016: Home Invasion Simulator"

Why does this video piss me off? XD

Ahh love it man! It's so weird to hear these sounds in a different context.
Love your creepy home invader guy's design, so scuzzy!

Saw an earlier version of this in Jesse's stream, you did a great job polishing it up and everything, I like it :)

Well I thought this was pretty great dude, everything looked visually appealing. The only minor qualm I have with it is that it was a bit choppy at times as some shots looked like they needed more inbetweens but again, that's just a minor qualm. Although the song does have a comedic effect to it, I don't feel like it contrasts the animation itself in a negative way. Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future!

Some of the timing feels a little off, but the strong poses make up for it! I can see the points you're making in your description, but didn't notice them until reading it. I mean that the music and coloring both felt very fitting and fine until seeing that you weren't happy with them, at which point I noticed. Still, awesome work for an animation jam. The criminal/video game player has my favorite character design of any submission so far.