Reviews for "Sins Of Daisy Episode 4"

Okay I have played it when about a month or two it came out. I loved it so much, Now playing it again feels so nostalgic.

That was simply incredible, the entire series was. and that ending brought tears to my ears. forgiveness must have been the hardest thing for the girls to do.

This game series was pretty good! the story is a bit dark and you end up feeling bad for the three girls. The end was cheerful and cool though.

Also the guy that says "free gucci!" In episode 2/3 is hilarious, one thing I should add was that once voicemail had no emotion to it what so ever. She sounded like Microsoft Sam or Siri. Pretty solid game though. 5 stars!

I'm a fan of your games and can't wait for more. The serial killer story in Fear society was super intense. It'd be AWESOME if you did another one like that at a campsite or party and you have to find out who the killer is and/or escape the killer. etc.

Get someone to proofread your scripts. Ex. 'I seen' is not right.

nice try though. a bit watery, but still fair.

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Thanks for the review, and I definitely need to improve on my grammatical errors. I will make sure to proofread, and allow someone else to look over my work before I publish my next project.

I absolutely loved your series of games! They were very well made and some of the puzzles were actually very difficult. I have an entire paper full of those riddles. This game was astounding.

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Thanks!!! I'm really glad you liked it. If you love this series you will probably like my other game.

Here is a link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/680123
It's a demo and the full game will be released on 12-15-2016.