Reviews for "Adventures of Yuki"

Needs check points

playgb responds:

Hello pal, thanks for the feedback.

the game is not bad, but gets boring and repetitive very quickly.

playgb responds:

Thanks for playing and for the review, I will probably do a sequel for this game, in the sequel I will add more rays and elements.

Not a bad game, I like the mechanics, and general way the game is played, but there is a random lag that happens for me when I play this that renders it broken. When I shoot at people, it lags the game out for a half a second, it makes any boss fight crippling for me, as I'm shot like 5 times and out of ammo by the time the lag is gone.

playgb responds:

Hello, thanks for the feedback. Try to play in a different browser to see if the lag is gone. Another thing to do is to click on the game (right click) and change the quality to low. I tested the game in a slow machine I have here and it performed good (40 FPS).

okay little game.

Some may have mentioned it but the game needs checkpoints and not force players to start over.

Starting over a stage is one thing but restarting the game for losing all lives is another.
The "limited lives before game over" format is a relic of the past from arcade days.
There's no need for them to be around today.
I only got to stage 3 and because of this formatting, I can't be bothered to redo everything and upgrade my gun all over again just to see the rest of the game.

I haven't tried all the guns but it's creative to have different guns that with different effects, such as the shrink ray.
But I guess things got a little imbalanced when the shrink ray can be used to defeat everything with one shot.
I managed to upgrade my gun to maximum, so the shrink ray recharges quite fast.

I also dislike side-scrolling shooters where you can only shoot left or right.
Might be fun 30 years ago but not something I'd ask for in the current generation.

playgb responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the special rays kill the enemy with one shoot, the bosses are killed with one shoot only when they are in danger mode, and the second boss is not affected by any ray.