Reviews for "D.Vangelion"

Loved it. It brought back so much nostalgia for me. Only complaint is that the audio would get over bassy in some parts. Besides that it was amazing, keep up the good work.

I just re-watched this along side the opening and just have to say: WOW! Fits really really well. Even the movements from Pharah fit very well with the EVA's movement. Kudos

What the fuck is this I Love this. You gave me a reason to live. One of the best things I've seen on here

Haha, that was pretty great. Were you working on it for awhile? I noticed you snuck Ana in there so I'm curious if it was a last second addition. The only thing I didn't like was one of the closeups at 0:46, it's probably the lips, but the animation as a whole was great, so keep being creative friend.

Best thing I've seen in days. Thanks for this