Reviews for "D.Vangelion"

I just re-watched this along side the opening and just have to say: WOW! Fits really really well. Even the movements from Pharah fit very well with the EVA's movement. Kudos

Loved it. It brought back so much nostalgia for me. Only complaint is that the audio would get over bassy in some parts. Besides that it was amazing, keep up the good work.

holy shit this was funny. You included the infamous jokes, the accuracy of the original theme, "...to be continued"from jojo. this is so funny and good

Oh Man! This is really amazing! Good use of Overwatch and Neon Genesis Evangelion

are you fucking serious?
How did no one think of this before? this is hella hilarious. Were you a fan of the Evangelion serie? If so, it really shows in your animation. you followed the original opening so well it's a bit scary.