Reviews for "D.Vangelion"

I really like the VHS style, it's good, and the sound really added to it, the effect worked really well. The art style was very good, and I think the length of the whole animation was just right, I don't really think you could have added anything more to it. I would have thought it would be quite hard to get all of the individual characters in there, but it looks like you managed to, so really good work!




So this was kind of nifty I like the idea you have here and a nice humor base as well you presented it well and executed it well nice awards too I think you could have done even more with it maybe making it longer and with more jokes but that's just an idea to think about

Amusing but could be a tad longer with more jokes


If overwatch was an Old Anime
If overwatch was a Movie made in 1999
If overwatch was the first game in color but with bad graphics.
It's nice tbh

this brings back the memories, cross over with overwatch? perfect, great job keep it up!

Best thing I've seen in days. Thanks for this