Reviews for "Click Farm"

love the gold idea for stopping bots

selfdefiant responds:


pretty good better than most clicker games

A good clicker game for wasting time.
+Plenty of features
-Long Play Time Required

This is probably one of my favorite games of yours. Granted, that's mostly because it's easy to get medals. I am still impressed at how this was a unique game from you. I guess it was still technically a game where you did nothing but click. It didn't have pointing in it, I suppose. Dude, do you even sleep?

It seems like you submit a game with medals every single day. I realized that I had to click on the gold coins to get money. I thought you could just put your mouse over them at first. Clicking is fun when it's easy! I knew something was off as this had a lot more medals than usual.

Nice little Idlegame, but the experience is growing to slow!