Reviews for "Click Farm"


Having to click the coins to pick them up.... No thanks.

Very cumbersome.

Cute that selfdefiant is trying an incremental though

love the game but even though it's said that i've gotten the "collector" and "mansion" achievements, i've never gotten the medals. can you correct this for me please? other than that, this is a great short clicker game. Anyone saying that it's too slow is out of their gourd. i like clickers that last only a day or so of idly playing.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! I can't do anything about the medals, sometimes they glitch and don't give them. I don't know why. I have asked mods about it.

It takes 21 levels to max out completely. And I Raised myself with over 3 million gold and over 27 million clicks. It sure was fun and quite the grinding ride through it on my first play! Well done making this, Makes me feel rich and successful.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it enough to complete it!!

I love a good clicker game and who doesnt love medals?!

I did think that the coin collecting aspect was a bit off. Because you need to click the dog to help collect the coins, I left to go watch Star Trek, came back and I had like 20,000,000 clicks but 2,000,000 coins?! Pfft. Didnt like that one bit. Maybe add a little "idle" to the next one.

But everything else was pretty awesome. Maybe when you add upgrades (like the farmer, silo, etc) make a visual pop up on the main screen so you feel like youre actually achieving something.

GREAT FIRST CLICKER GAME @Selfdefiant. Now give me another one! ;)

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! Maybe! This one took a while to complete. :)