Reviews for "Click Farm"

Doesn't have the sense of accomplishment that an idle clicker has, it just has you clicking, and I didn't really notice the number of coins greatly increasing as I went. Nothing noticeably wrong with it, I just feel it is missing the element of idling that makes this genre great.

The entire Idle is lost in this game. It's literally a clicker, no more. The game works, but collecting the coins is way too bothersome. The dog is completely worthless as an upgrade, just skip it completely. Either use an auto-collector or not. This dog is the hybrid which needs to be killed. Same for the Hover-collecting. While this works and helps a lot, why is it even an upgrade? Why is this not straight from the start.

I get the coins are to go against auto-clicker programs. Which it does. In a bad way. I still used an auto-click program to simply max out all farm tools and float around to only collect. It didn't stop me, just slow down the process immensely.

The entire unlocking system is flawed as well. There is no clear system to what unlocks when and when things unlock, there isn't even a notable boost. And going from 25K from the useless Helper to 1 million for the very much needed Collector is just a way too huge step. I'd scale that down to 100K or 250K. Besides, why would that be the same price as the mansion?

The worst thing however, is that some medals are simply bugged. The Customizer medal does not unlock, no matter what. This could be NG based though. But it doesn't help that the description just says "customizer". It does not explain what one needs to do to unlock it, so I just unlocked everything in the game and messed around with different backgrounds. Still nothing.

All in all, the game works. It's not a beauty but it works. Just feels like there is a lot of work to be done to master the game development business.

While the game itself....works, there are MANY issues. Firstly, the music is obviously a rip or altered version of Kakariko Village. Other than that, there's not really any sound effects to speak up. Aside from the background changes, what few there are, the graphics are somewhat bland and neutral. It's clever that the seeds are 'added on' to form more of a field, but it's almost in a random fashion, up to and including plots going off in multiple diagonals.

Secondly, picking up coins. I should NOT have to pay for, nor should I need to pay so MUCH for, the ability to merely HOVER MY MOUSE over the coins to collect them. The dog helps with this, but...really? Then you factor in that you actually need to actively hover your mouse over them. Meaning this eventually gets as interesting as watching grass grow. I don't even KNOW when I might get the collector upgrade, and can only hope that it picks up the coins automatically...but, costing 1,000,000 gold? That's just ludicrous.

Also in question is the 'unlock' system. Clicking for an hour myself only did so much, and once I discovered the 'auto' stuff (which doesn't pick up coins and runs on 'click' amounts as payments, and going for half a day THAT way, I still have yet to unlock anything past the Watermelon seeds. Speaking of, while I applaud the 'limit' system, it's inconsistent. Firstly, you can raise the limit repeatedly on the automated stuff...but not the gold (seeds), meaning that you're STUCK in a same-gold rut for who knows how long. Secondly, well...you're stuck in the same gold-rut.

The gems you throw in are nice, but don't do any sort of scaling and are of ABYSMAL worth once you get to any point past the beginning, even risking sending players into a situation where they still sit grinding without a hope in sight since they haven't leveled up yet.

On top of that, and while you're currently trying to fix it, the badges are bugged. I haven't received the 'customizer' badge yet, and apparently the poor unfortunate souls who actually went the whole 900 yards and got the mansion didn't get THAT badge either.

In short, if you're creating an idle game, make it so that your players can actually IDLE. If you're making an active clicker game, actually give your players more content to work with to keep them entertained, and give them a steady, even flow of unlocks.

selfdefiant responds:

The music is from Newgrounds, yes it is a remake of Kakariko Village. So what?
The coins are there for a reason, you might not like them. It doesn't make them a bad thing. The badges not working have absolutely nothing to do with me. I have close to a hundred games on here with medals. I know how to implement, them. It is nothing I can do. I test the medals and when I see that people have unlocked them that means they work. This is actually a cross between an Idle game and a clicker game. It is what it is. I bet you spent more time writing this than playing. :X

What am I doing with my life?
I have played for more then 2hrs (I lost track of time)

82 farmers with 123 tractors, silos and barns to harvest 6×6 farming patch? Well, WHY NOT! :)

I just feel there was too large gap between "Helper" ($25,000) and "Mansion" ($1,000,000), so I began to lose interest when I was around 100k and needed 900k more to buy the next item in list.
In general, it was way easier to gather clicks than gold - perhaps something that enhances gold income would be good, so the gold/click values would stay more or less even. Or faster level-ups, so you can afford the more advanced crops.

But it's good to see you try something new. It was a neat game.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! It's tricky balancing everything out!