Reviews for "Click Farm"

takes some time to get going

During my play, I got two more shovels than sickles, hoes, tillers, and farmers while the Customizer medal did not unlock in my browser but did in the game.
Also, it looks like the display for the Collector say $10M but gameplay has it at $1M.
Good game representative of the clicker genre.

there's not much to say, yeah it may be a little boring but it passes time if you have nothing better to do.

Unfortunately, you are forced to continuously clean up the coins or it won't generate new ones. The collector upgrade is a practically pointless feature; as soon as you've got one million gold you'll have many millions of clicks, so you go straight for the mansion + medal. Even if the collector would cost only half it might not be worth the delay. May be giving it a separate medal would help. Also, the late game lasts too long; once you've got all the seeds & upgrades you end up with millions of clicks you can't spend on anything.

Time eater... Sad that the gameplay is that unspectula after getting the most of the items. Just waisting time for the 1.000.000$