Reviews for "Click Farm"

repetitive and predictable... but why can't i stop?!

love getting the medals and awards from ng. why don't other games offer medals? i don't think i'll be coming back to this game.

in the end, i feel like some kind of trained monkey. sitting and clicking. but why can't i stop?!

Clickity click... click.

It's a good way to spend you time whenever you're bored or in need of something that does require minor missions...Though, it seems the Customizer medal doesn't work, even though I already completed the task for it.

not really much to this, but it's a fun time waster

This is really a nice game, very relaxing, especially together with the music (you have to switch it on). Also, most other clicker games want money, and that's not the case here which makes it even better. More awards and medals would be great, though ... and the max values for seeds are a bit low.

Also, I don't really see the purpose of the Mansion, other than unlocking the medal. But I didn't get the medal (the game acted like I did, but after reloading the page It's still locked).