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Reviews for "LOL Pokemon GO!"

This animation is good! Keep up the good work!

stop hating >.> it is amazing to me how completely will people are willing to readily ignore the positive aspects of something based in a single point of stigma.... the benefits of this game outweigh the negatives. and the rage inducing part is your making fun of two of the aspects that make this game beneficial to society. 1. its getting people out into the world and exercising and it is getting people socializing as well. im sorry you seem to be an anti social jerk who can't be polite (by the way the likely hood you will be asked if you've seen a pokemon is pretty much nil if you don't have a phone out.) your bitter about something. your bitter about it and you don't even know why.

And I'm positive this isn't a joke... you haven't marked it a parody for one and your comments also make it pretty clear its something you dislike. please do the rest of the world a favor please be quiet and just let people enjoy something.

LDranzer responds:

Dude, is a cartoon... I don't hate on it, i kinda like it tho

The Seinfeld theme makes it even funnier !

pokemon lol