Reviews for "Frantic Planes 2"

The game is nice, but there's still the lag issue. Even after disabling the performance effects, if I use the special any moment, the lag is so intense I can't even dodge a single bullet, mostly in the final boss stage. I don't think it only happens to me.

for that style of game it was great, not so difficult you cant beat it but still hard lol. the only problem i had was lag after you get everything. overall it was great good job.

Fun game all round. It's a little bit too easy to overpower your plane early on, but that does add to the satisfaction of decimating enemies.

I did encounter a few bugs in the game. I wasn't able to get sound to work on Chrome, but it worked fine on Firefox. And on level 11, I had a strange glitch that started out when the game began to lag with so many sprites on the screen. The sprite for my plane turned into a green looking explosion and the coin counter went out of control. Even when lag stopped and the game returned to normal, the coin counter kept on racing. But it returned to normal next level (though I now had over 160,000 coins).

All in all, I'm a fan. :-)

Frozennnn responds:

Hi thanks for the feedback yes there is a bug because stencyl when turn slow performance there is a bug in the coins and detect too much im trying to fix

It's a fun game except for that one bug, when the medal appears it doesn't light up indicating that you got it. On some other flash games it'll do that, might want to fix that.

This game is fun! However, I encountered a game-breaking bug: While playing level eleven, for some reason, my coin counter began to increase on its own. By the time I realized, I already had enough money to buy all the remaining upgrades bar one. I strongly suggest you look into it, as it can ruin a player's experience of the game.