Reviews for "Frantic Planes 2"

This game is fun! However, I encountered a game-breaking bug: While playing level eleven, for some reason, my coin counter began to increase on its own. By the time I realized, I already had enough money to buy all the remaining upgrades bar one. I strongly suggest you look into it, as it can ruin a player's experience of the game.

Pretty addicting game, it could be really good if everything worked fine.

- Bombs don't seem to do anything, I thought they'd explode but nope.
- The special doesn't seem to do any damage whatsoever after level 1
- Your health points don't pass 100 even with all maxed upgrades
- The companions you can collect through a level, they die too easily and they keep getting further away from your spaceship, even if the first one has already died, sometimes I'd get the last one after all the others are dead and he would pop in his original spot. It's also completely impossible to protect them, at some point I stopped trying to get them because it was useless, they'd die in seconds

Things I missed:
- Being able to shoot sideways
- Being able to shield myself, I know there's a shield that sometimes appears, but I have no control over it

Other improvements:
- Coins and bullets from enemies are all the same shape, and sometimes because of the magnet the coins start moving around, this makes it really hard to differentiate them sometimes, changing the shape of one of them could be good

The game is too easy and the magnet's broken.

This game seems to come from a talented group of people but it has so much wasted potential.

My biggest bugbear is the coin magnet. Upgrading it - even to max level - seems to do little improvement. All it does is make coins you almost touch glide slowly toward you. As such, so many coins get flung to one side or another. This also proves detrimental to gameplay as it's hard to differentiate coins from enemy fire. One plus I will mention is that powerups are drawn to you as well.

The game is too easy for the most part. Only till level 11 does it seem to pose a challenge. The difficulty leap of the first boss was nuts though. It was the first time I died and needed to farm coins.

The artstyle of the sprites are too cutesy for the music and backgrounds.

I liked the helper units you get but they die when they get hit, meaning it's impossible to keep them around in later levels.

If you max out your Special Power meter, you'll be faced with a massive screen-blocking Iron Man knockoff that doesn't seem to do anything. I assumed it cleared the screen with a silent burst but never seems to have any effect for me.

I can't tell what the bombs do. They seem to die without doing any damage. I'm also annoyed they're not bound to the mouse (like right-click).

Why are there coins in the Avoid minigame that you can't collect? To make the game harder? 10 minutes is far too long a time to get an achievement for. It gets too boring and extremely difficult after a while.

Where are the other minigames? It's a plural and has its own menu....

One minor bugbear is that you need to collect 5 stars per level and if you play an earlier boss, it's possible to beat it before the second star even pops up.

I liked the movement in Survival. It was smooth and fluid. Pity pausing the game crashed it.

All in all, it's a fun enough game while it's around but there's too many mistakes made for me to recommend.

The game is nice, but there's still the lag issue. Even after disabling the performance effects, if I use the special any moment, the lag is so intense I can't even dodge a single bullet, mostly in the final boss stage. I don't think it only happens to me.

I like the game, it is very adicting! But the 2nd and 3rd Special Powers did nearly no damage to enemys, the 1st was the strongest of them.
It's still a good game.