Reviews for "{dj-N} On My Way"

ur awsome

ur gunna get so much hits later on years

ur a champ at making music .

keeep that good work up . we all apreciate it

You Rule

Some people just have a gift. You are not one of those people. Some people have too many gifts to count. You are one of those people. Keep up the good work, this is a really good song with a great tune and beat. |=D

/y\ (I have no idea what the thing to the left of this is, I just thought it looked vaguely cool)



Top Quality

Always Top Notch Music as usual!
Keep going that way... thought i dont think you spend a lot of time on that one

Something about this melody...

The song itself isn't very good, and for that I can't blame you. It seems too laid back - no depth. Flat. LQ.

But this melody... It does something... It demands reincarnation.