Reviews for "{dj-N} On My Way"

Something about this melody...

The song itself isn't very good, and for that I can't blame you. It seems too laid back - no depth. Flat. LQ.

But this melody... It does something... It demands reincarnation.


When I saw the title, I thought it was gonns be 'Send me on my way by Rusted Root' used in Ice Age. This is awesome!


Keep it up!


dámñ ñ%u0129%u010Bë.... %u0129 hávë %u010Böllë%u010B%u0165%u0129öñ öf ýöür %u015Böñ%u011F%u015B....


Stuck in your head?!
Now you've gone and stuck it in mine!!!! Glad you did though, its a great peice of music.

Top Quality

Always Top Notch Music as usual!
Keep going that way... thought i dont think you spend a lot of time on that one