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Reviews for "You Should Stop"

An inspiring and beautiful game. Good job.

This reminded me of "There Is No Game," which is really fun. Although, this one had a deeper meaning to it. And I love it when games look simple and feel simple but then they explode in your face with feelings of hope and dreams and wishes. I loved it. And I also liked how you put the quotes at the end. It was really fun.

I feel like this little movie is really showing how the voices in our head act when we feel like we can't do it...and we're putting effort into things we don't believe we can do..It's sad. But then again, when we go against those voices, we overcome and feel satisfied when we get to the finish. My opinion..a-anyway..

Well, I understand what the intent is behind this. However, another thing that I saw before the ending was more about mental illness'.

I'm not expert, but I know for a fact that some of them are basically voices in your head, telling you very similar things as to what you put. No one is going to care, it's easier not to. Yet you keep doing it, because what else are you going to do? Nothing... isn't something better than nothing?

With that in mind, I was kinda surprised to find something at the end, I kinda expected more of a fade to black implying you are still going on, that you won't stop. But that's only with the initial interpretation. Wich, no hate or anything, I think would have been a better message or at least a better portrayal for that message.
For the message you meant, some kind of work would be necessary, something not to fail at, even if it's just going up steps, but just to imply your doing something rather than the most basic thing you can.

Also, it's fine without a 'reward' because the reward in art is just what you make of it. It could be the experience, or it could be what people think of it. So that part is okay even if some people don't like it.

It was good though, I very much enjoyed (and related) to the experience and I hope you make more things like this in the future.

It was creative and reminded me of how I felt when I was younger. I do want this to be shared with everyone so they realize what this game has to offer.