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Reviews for "You Should Stop"

artsy? it was somewhat just boring. I had to keep stopping to read, no penalty, I could not go back to reread something I missed because once passed text vanishes. I think if you just let the text stay longer or have it on screen for the duration of getting to it then pass it off screen you could read it all and still chug at full speed. It would make more sense since it tried to show a 4th wall break and relate to the player but the "game-play" caused a large disconnect. Also the nothingness background if it was one solid color all the way then a color change making it look like a wall maybe it would stump people and they would stop and actually fail. with nothing at stake no game, with a message that promotes breaking through doubt but having no obstacles means almost nothing. no symbolism at all. just a voice saying something does not give it weight, if this voice had any credit such as an invisible wall blocking movement or a fail state when you stop then it would be a message with weight. other than that keep creating.


It was creative and reminded me of how I felt when I was younger. I do want this to be shared with everyone so they realize what this game has to offer.

An inspiring and beautiful game. Good job.

This game is alright. I know that the game is supposed to be a minimalist game and a piece of art, but the lack of color and sound does get redundant and becomes boring. I understand that part of the writing is based on the nothingness, but I feel it was a bit unnecessary. I do like the style of writing you used when creating the dialogue. (Although I did notice that you mixed up "to" and "too" in one part.) I did enjoy the game, though, because it doesn't require good reflexes, gaming skills of any sort, etc. Despite what that nagging voice says, you can make it. You can make it to the end, and there is something. But I'm not gonna be the jerk who spoils that.