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Reviews for "You Should Stop"

I feel like this little movie is really showing how the voices in our head act when we feel like we can't do it...and we're putting effort into things we don't believe we can do..It's sad. But then again, when we go against those voices, we overcome and feel satisfied when we get to the finish. My opinion..a-anyway..

It's little bit too long for just reading these notes... It's pretty sad, tho. I think this could work as a part of some themed contest, but otherwise... It's too long for me.

Overly simplistic game play + discouragement + quotes at end of game = artsy? I guess I'm too old to get it. 3/3 A solid Meh.

It actually makes me kind of angry. It gives me the "Look how deep I am" feeling. And there's basically nothing in here...
The texts seem repetitive. You have to stop to read it.
Your objective is to go right... just cause.
"Many have failed to do it.... So don't embarrass yourself and fail on purpose."
These even might be real thoughts of someone with serious self doubt and maybe some mental issuess... but what is the reward for completing your objective? Message to "Never give up".... great... it's not a reward...

This reminded me of "There Is No Game," which is really fun. Although, this one had a deeper meaning to it. And I love it when games look simple and feel simple but then they explode in your face with feelings of hope and dreams and wishes. I loved it. And I also liked how you put the quotes at the end. It was really fun.