Reviews for "Idle Game Dev"

I like it.

"Capitalist Vagina Zone"

"Lucky Flirting With Friends"

Who the fuck came up with these game names? xD

Great game, glad I got here so early

This game is fun! You should add a thing where you start off with a old computer then when you progress further you unlock newer computers!

very good game for wasting time, that is the obgetive in this tipe of game, as everyone say music and sound effecs, even stock ones would do it, the game is hard when you want to do your 100 game, it turns realy hard, once everithing needs more than 5 millon for upagrading it, in the benggining is to easy, you should scale the dificulty better (sorry for the grammar, me dont engrish, i try to speak(write) at least)

I am addicted it is now my favorite idle game