Reviews for "A Super Mario Bros. Joke."

It was like watching a Mario skit as done by Far From Subtle.

mario isdesperate to get those shoes.

Your mom took my shoes

I love the animation. It reminds me of the old time cartoons but with color. I also like how you put a shade of red and green on Mario and Luigi. Did you add the shades using a separate layer?

Motament responds:

The shades of color were mostly the palate I gave each of them. Each character was on a different layer and their mouths when Lip-syncing were, for the most part, the only part of each one of them that was on a separate layer.

Even if the shoes would help with Luigi's jumping, doesn't his physical strength help him with his jumping? And also, I could see why Luigi is slippery with his shoes on, but if he's so lightweight that he could briefly walk on water, then that adds to the reason why he doesn't quickly stop. (Don't worry, I'm not upset at the animation, it's just a pet peeve.)