Reviews for "Shword"

Nice concept, executed well, music is nice, functioned well though in theory the last level requires a little bit of luck though I could be wrong.


Loved the gameplay and the idea of teleporting like this, thanks for this game !

This was a pretty good game. The last level was pretty good even though I'm not a fan of the approaching death from the left type scrollers. The premise of the game is unique to my somewhat vast experience and sometimes just having it be unique can backfire if it ends up not being any good but that's not what happened this time. There really should be some more levels though, more complicated ones like the last one I mean, not approaching death from the left type. This, unlike the last review I made before this one, is a good game that could have been a big hit in the atari 2600 era.

I love this game! It's real fun and it's kinda like portal but with swords. The game iss real challenging, especially that last level. I CANNOT COMPLETE IT. AT ALL. I know it's time to call it quits when you've been playing that past level for 20 minutes. Anyways, this is an awesome game. Thanks for letting us play it.

Shword From Sha Shtone!

I want to start off by saying I loved how this game looked. It was simplistic and crude, yet engaging at the same time. Minimalism is one of my favorite traits and I love the armed turtles and psychotic destruction of the adorable walking enemies. The music and sound effects were both spot on. There wasn't really a story to this game, which I would have liked to be honest due to the world we're in. The gameplay though was absolutely amazing. It was like a simplified portal, but with more focus on the platforming aspect than the puzzle solving. I noticed after I had beaten a level that I could go back and beat it a different way. I really wished that this game was longer because I was really getting into it. Kudos to you sir! Can't wait to see more!

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*Masterful Presentation
*Superb Sound
*Superb Music
*Great Concept
*Masterful Controls
*Masterful Gameplay

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