Reviews for "Shword"

Really fun, just short.

This was a great game with a really cool mechanic, as well as some good, catchy music that I couldn't keep from bobbing my head to.

The only flaw I can see with this game is that for several levels after the 'super strength' ability my success depended on how fast I could spam a shword (official name) and teleport to it so as to avoid hitting spikes. This, in my opinion, isn't good gameplay. I shouldn't have to resort to mashing an arrow key to try and win a level, not only because it's shallow, unentertaining gameplay, but also because it ends up getting very frustrating very quickly.

The last level was a nice surprise which, if I count out the spam part directly after the gatlurtle (gatling turtle), was really a lot of fun.

Great job!

StuffedWombat responds:

This is really good feedback, thank you!

Yeah...It's really cool game!

Good game

Really cool concept and a kill game for only 7 days of dev.