Reviews for "Shword"

I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't skip the Super strength upgrade by Shwording past it, oh well, amazing game anyway, I'd love to see more in the future .

StuffedWombat responds:

haha, yeah i know, i also think that kinda sucks :)

I am actually working on a sequel right now! it will be called "Shword Story" and, if everything works out, will be released on Steam in Fall/Winter 2017 :)

Good Game, but..... The Super Super strength really is a double edge blade, it does let you get your swords back but it removes the point of using a showrd downward and when it came to spikes it was a matter of "Push the button twice before your dead"
Other then that good job keep up the good work

Wow! This game is just flat out amazing! I didn't stop playing until I reached the end! It was an amazing experience and a very thoughtful game!

I played it already a million times, it’s so awesome, greater work of yours. a masterpieces :D

That was AMAZING...wish it was longer