Reviews for "Shword"

Love it! a bit short but still.

but i found a bug. if you teleport off screen. the screen locks in to place. and you cant see anything.

thought I'd let you know.

4.5 stars cause its short and i want more!

The idea is 5+, maybe 6. It's like Minato's flying raijin from "Naruto". 5 for being casual and understandable in terms of controls and goals.

However. After few easy levels it first comes to the point where I need move and throw swords simultaneously (me no likey) and then time-limited as well (which I cannot play at all). Please think it over. You expect the player to control this game with 2 hands in good (if not perfect) sync in about 5-10 minutes of gameplay.

StuffedWombat responds:

Thanks for the kind words on the idea!

The game has a steep lerning curve (believe me, it was much harder before playtesting) and I am sorry that you did not enjoy it.

Creating an expirience that is rewarding as well as challenging while not being repetetive is incredibly hard.
I am learning slowly, but surely and if you check out my older games you will see that I somewhat improved (I once made a game that made you browser crash if you died. now THAT was a bad design choice ^^)

Hopefully my next game will have a better learning curve :)


how do u beat the level with the portal under you all the way to the left and spikes to the right of it -level 5 or 6

I can't pass 3rd (I guess it's thrid) level - low ceiling and two spikes. After 50 tries (literally around it ) I gave up. I'm giving 2.5 not because the game is bad because this situation amd eme frustated.

StuffedWombat responds:

Try using your swords to teleport.
shoot one to the right and then teleport to it.

Solid concept. Consider developing it into a full game