Reviews for "Shword"

Finished it, I think third or 4th last level almost made me quit til I figured it out. I enjoyed swordporting a lot, though the game seemed like an experiment of different game mechanics all mixed together. Puzzles didn't seem to have as concrete of an answer so much as experimenting with the mechanics until you win. It's not a bad thing mind you, but it was a little touchy. Anyway I had fun, Thank you <3

Not a beautiful game, but the mechanics of gameplay are good as a Portal.
Then I'm sad with my azerty keyboard :-(

I think the concept works really well, and the multiple ways you can approach each puzzle give the game a nice level of depth.

It kept me wondering if it would have been better to have to fight against enemies first since is the most expected thing to do with the swords, and after that give away the main feature of the game which is the warp powers; Just leaving the thought, and that's up to testing.

I think the shword-warping warping mechanic has a lot of potential for a complete and longer game, it reminded me of Portal, but it can also be used for pretty different results. The last fading room was a pretty fun challenge as I kept discovering new ways to make my run more efficient; It was a cool way to end the game, but it also kept me wanting to play more levels of that kind.

Good work!

damn this is pretty hard im stuck in the second timed lvl, how many lvls are there?

StuffedWombat responds:

you are already in the last level :)

Another glitch in the last level: If you throw your sword forward off screen and then teleport to it, the game locks the screen where it was before the teleport, which means death.

In general, a really cool game though. There's a lot of finesse to the teleport use (such as the fact that you can Teleport to a moving sword). Overall a cool and somewhat unique mechanic that I enjoyed.
Wish there had been more actual puzzles though, rather than just fiendish timing puzzles and 'kill' puzzles. Solid game though. I had fun.