Reviews for "Shword"

really good game, really entertaining

it would be cool if there was a boss fight

Very impressive! I was entertained from the first level throughout!

The main game mechanic is very versatile and open to expansion. If you add ideas like breakable tiles, moving tiles, lazes and such, you could easily make a sequel. Or you could make a port on mobile if you ditch the movement controls (the levels are so small that the game doesn't benefit too much out of movement in my opinion).

As for issues I have with this game: Sound is WAY too quiet. And there's a bug in the last level where the camera doesn't follow the player if he teleports too far ahead (version 1.2). Other than those tiny mishaps, this is a very solid game! One of the best web games I've played in a long time!

StuffedWombat responds:

Thanks, that is some quality input!

A sequel to this game is already planned, I am collecting Ideas right now. It shold be much bigger and prettier (will probably try to get it on steam) and will take a long time to make :)

I will fix the camera bug in the last level asap!

A pretty neat concept on platforming games, with a neat concept. It's good to see a lot of people making platforms cool again with a bunch of interesting mechanics. Seems like a platformer is always on the front page, and for good reason. Keep up the good work!

Absolutely loved the concept!
And the aesthetics fit it very well, including the enemies

Damn man that was one of the best game i ever play excelent work i love the mechanics of the games it's so adictive! please make a sequel! :D