Reviews for "Shword"

I really love the game. The concept is simple and endearing, it's not too hard and the music is spectacular.
A sequel would do well with this game, it has the feeling of more lingering in it.

I also found a bug:
You can skip the orb that lets you pick swords from the wall by using a sword, it still keeps the power but the music or the colors do not change.

Such a simple idea makes a tricky awesome, easy to access, sucks-you-in game! Wow! Despite I would have enjoyed some story and items and such..but than again..it wouldnt be such a simple one ^^

*teleports behind you*

I think the gravity is too high, or the character is too big for the map.

That's a nice little game! Though there are a few bugs:
Some enemies tend to walk backwards sometimes, which seems a little weird.
Also on the final stage, if you shoot a sword and it flies off-screen, teleporting to it makes you unable to move.
Otherwise I kinda like this game!

A tad short as far as overall playtime goes, but incredibly sweet nonetheless. It has just the right amount of levels, and the difficulty curve is slow and gradual, making no level too frustrating.

Also, maybe I'm hearing things, but the first few chords of the opening song sound mildly similar to the My Little Pony theme song... but I'm gonna guess that's purely coincidental.