Reviews for "Shword"

Very well made game. These games are good because everything in them matters. There aren't any shortcuts and it really takes your mind to complete these levels. With that, its not too hard so it wouldn't be considered a game that would make you rage much. But the levels are creative and everything is perfect. Keep it up.

I enjoyed the mechanics of throwing the daggers and being able to teleport to them. I had phone teleporting all over the place. The last couple levels that were moving turned the game up a notch!

At first, I was hesitant to play this because I thought it was just a regular action platformer, but it is SO much more (side note, maybe you should change the title so that people don't get confused about what it is). My only complaint is that if you hold a direction at the last level when you die, your character won't move, so you have to press a direction after the dying animation stops. But it's such an amazing game. I can't wait for another.

Hey, what cool little platformer game you've got there. I have to say the little quick thinking and acting puzzles did draw me in a little bit. The music is really nice and rhythmic, and it fits pretty well with how the game runs. For a game made in one week, this is a pretty fantastic piece. Sure it misses a few little things like a main menu or achievements, but those things can be added later. I do have to say that it's maybe a bit short, but I'm glad that I didn't get to harder puzzles ;) . I made a small let's play of it right here: https://youtu.be/qF_EdaQJruw . I hope you can keep up with your "Make a game a week" challenge... it's definitely a hard one, but if you can last for a few games that that's totally commendable.

hey! i love the idea. it's a pretty fun to play. I like very much the sword/portal mechanic.