Reviews for "Blue the dino"

You know, considering I thought I was gonna hate this just looking at it, you did a really good job. Creatively designed, characters look nice, pretty good. Jumping on enemies can be a bit annoying, but for the most part, all that's really needed here is more music. This track get's droning after a while. Good job!

GSquadron responds:

Thanks so much man! Your words greatly help moving forward! :D

I really enjoyed it's mario brothers-esc-ness of this game!!

GSquadron responds:

Happy for you! :D

This is fun.

there's an improvement over your previous games
sound effect for being hurt and hurting enemies should be different
i'm fine with weird things being added in games, but there has to be more justification than "this thing suddenly changed its behavior"
it's still repetitive, though because it feels better to play it doesn't matter that much until i lost
starting all the way at the beginning doesn't make me want to replay what i already completed because i won't get anything new out of it, if you really want to

GSquadron responds:

Ok, thanks for letting me know!

i love the game but i think you should not be able to wall jump to save your self from falling in the pit
makes game alot easier keep up great work :D

GSquadron responds:

Thank you so much!