Reviews for "Blue the dino"

Thanks guys for all your support on our games and all of your Amazing feed back. We will def continue to work together to make more games and continue to get better as we progress and we hope to see more of your support and feed back as we continue :D Thanks again.

GSquadron responds:

Thanks for your rating man. xD

Nice game! Solid gameplay and colorful graphics.
The music is fine, just a bit monotone.
Overall an enjoyable game!

GSquadron responds:

Thank you so much man! I will take note for next time. :)

Awesome! The sound effects, graphics and the soundtrack are very cool! One thing that I would really like to see would be character customization! :)

Anyways, great job! I really like the games that you two make, GSquadron and evowolfdemon. you both should keep making games together! ;)

GSquadron responds:

Thank you so much man! I am very lucky I work with the artist! :)

now this is Something i actually enjoyed! The sprites were smooth, The particles are perfect, Well done!

GSquadron responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words! :D

there's an improvement over your previous games
sound effect for being hurt and hurting enemies should be different
i'm fine with weird things being added in games, but there has to be more justification than "this thing suddenly changed its behavior"
it's still repetitive, though because it feels better to play it doesn't matter that much until i lost
starting all the way at the beginning doesn't make me want to replay what i already completed because i won't get anything new out of it, if you really want to

GSquadron responds:

Ok, thanks for letting me know!