Reviews for "Balloon Battle"

sweet dude

you kick so much ass its not even funny! - uyersuyer

Whatever, Dude

I only gave the graphics a 10 because it looks just like the real game. The movie was a real bore until the Contra bonus scenes. Then, it was only sort of funny. The music sucked midget ass.


nice job, i especially like the Contra parody as the added scenes. That balloon fight game was a pain in the ass. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Not the best...but good

This one wasn't that funny, but if you ever playd Balloon Fight back in the days of NES, and you know how hard it can get sometimes, this is just fun to watch the guy kick all their asses. The contra bonus at the end is pretty funny though, lol.

Whatchu got, Whatchu got,Whatchu got.

Excellent movie!