Reviews for "Balloon Battle"


doe someone knowes what the songs name is in the extra scens

Magnificent movie! I loved all the action!

This is a really good, funny, and violent parody of Balloon Fight! Balloon Fight is probably one of my favorite NES classics, and this parody rocks. I liked the music that went with it, and especially all the action. Nice work!!!

Classic Action!

The movie is recreated in a way i remember the game, except the outcome which turned out to be rather funny.

Something like this is great, but there is not great setting to this. As in plot, but hey- who needs plot when you have great arcade violence.

Thoroughly enjoyable and great job on the Graphic Conversion, a nice 10... I voted 4 for this rare gem.

Reveille is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Ilike the song, the movie and possibly, anything Vazz makes! Keep up the good work!

my 2 cents...

in these troubling times, its important to watch this movie so that we realize just how dedicated the men and womem of our ballon forces truly are.