Reviews for "Balloon Battle"

Watch the extra scenes

Pretty good. You should watch the extra scenes. There funny.


It was okay. The only funny part was at the second extra scene.

Heh, funnny baloon people, contra rox too o_O

Reminds me of my baloon fist style ~pcha!!~
For vazz: make a second one, bed ya it'll allso be a hit. Put Kung fu fighting in it man!~ it would rock, and make the baloon dude say pchaa!!~
lol. errr....ya more contra too!

Vazz responds:

Sorry no Balloon Fight sequel. :(
Contra however............


Ballon fight rulez,Contra rulez and Vazz RULEZ.HELL FUCKING YEAH MOTHA FUCKA!!!Watch this or die,you hear me,DIE!!!I`m no NG idiot.

Vazz responds:


Check this out!

I downloaded this off of someone on a P2P network! I loved it!

Vazz responds:

Wow had no idea it's on a p2p network. Cool.