Reviews for "Kaitlyn and the Diving Helmet"

Great overall polish to the game, everything looks pretty good and I especially liked the transition from scene to scene.

However, the dialogue seemed a little off to me. There was a lot of exposition when they characters talked in the beginning and the main character doesn't really talk like a kid at all. Maybe it was just a different style you guys were going for, but it kinda took me out of the experience.

Otherwise, solid job!

got stuck for a second, but it works well. I wonder if your characters will ever meet though

Well made and quick to solve - i liked the "Then get a job!!" speech to the little girl, muahahah.

Would enjoy a longer adventure of this series. Thanks for this one!

Good educative game: don't use laser beam, but cannon ball and axe are fine!

Tis fun, no complaints.