Reviews for "Kaitlyn and the Diving Helmet"

Game play is easy. Graphics are good.

Museum ticket price is outrageous. Luckily, this smart girl knew how to get a free ticket. :)

I always adore all of your games ;3.

All for a titanic boarding pass, lol. Is it just me, or is the young girl related to Tammy Jo (from the other game, called "Tammy Jo Superstar") based on that wall picture that was hiding the locker in the first room?

Honestly, this game is OK. The plot is a little farfetched, but the art is solid. I'm a little concerned about the main character (who is a young girl), as she does a few somewhat-crazy things in the game: she nearly killed "Man in Black" and his mother; used an axe without adult supervision; and basically blew up a building. Weak plot aside, I did enjoy the game. It wasn't too long, but that's to be expected at this point.

I have two more questions. One: What kind of grandmother leaves a young child all by herself at home? I know it's necessary for the plot to happen, but still... And Two: Weren't the Man in Black's mom and the desk guy both still in the museum when Kaitlyn blew it up? Just wondering...

When one sees an axe on a telephone pole, their first thought should be "Why the hell is there an axe on that telephone pole", not "I'm not tall enough to get to it"