Reviews for "Extra Pepperoni"

I really do hope that this patriarchy bullshit is ironically used,'cuz otherwise - this game is utter sh*t!
I've heard some idealistic bullshit about America's involvement in foreign politics - it never was about stopping terrorism - it was about asserting power and control,so those countries won't jeopardize America's interests and control over petroleum! There are also a lot of other factors which I won't bother explaining,because they seem too complicated for your little head!
I can't believe there people as gullible as you are!

Ehh she looks kinda spooky sometimes as in look like a monster face or something. too upclose lol. sometimes i was more concerned with the slutroulette ads more than your game, but still, good dialogues if sligthly over used sometimes... also MUH PATRIARCHY!

Lol, nice troll dialogues

Ehm.. 5 Stars. Just for the friggin Randomness of the game!!

If the riverside achievement has nothing to do with Filthy Frank, I'm horribly disappointed.