Reviews for "Extra Pepperoni"

I came here in search of sexual content but then my brain started to work and think of politics, so I lost my boner... Awesome!

DeSaGames responds:

This shares my favourite review spot with ShinDNA's. Thanks for trading in your boner for a semblance of political awareness!

It's good to have you back, dude. You did very good on the dialogue and comedy of the situation. It also seems your art style has changed a little as well so that's cool. The only thing I'd suggest to make it better is to fix the voice acting (it seems like some of the words at the end of the sentences during the long speeches aren't always spoken, especially for the guy patriarchy talk) and the echo sound on the voice acting unless that was intentional. (I'm available for voice acting if you need it).

I hope to see more from you soon!

DeSaGames responds:

Ey yo!

It's always great to see reviews from people who were around way back!
I've passed on the art to someone who's a bit more skilled with pen and paper than myself. I am, however, going to be taking some drawing classes and thus increasing the possible output of games come autumn.
As for the troubles associated with the VA the echo was completely unintentional and caused by recording in a large kitchen. The dialogue was cut down in some areas, I got a bit sloppy with my lines and by the time I noticed the issues I couldn't replicate the echo and any re-recording sounded horribly funky.
This game, however, was just a warm-up, the next one will definitely improve on the previously mentioned issues.

I might take you up on that voice acting offer! I'll see whether we need anyone extra for the next game.

This is getting 5 stars for that speech about "fighting the patriarchy"
See guys... Even porn can give strong social commentary

This is deep

And not in a sexual way


I wish I hadn't gone for the Pizza Man ending... that was so weird