Reviews for "Extra Pepperoni"

Awsome game, I din't saw the gay ending coming! :3


I laughed way too hard

Great game, loved the different choices and dialog! However the character images looked frazzled, bitmap-py, and the voices seemed echo-ey. Hope these things can be improved upon next time, really glad you're back!

DeSaGames responds:

Ey yo! Long time no see!

This game was just a little bit of something to get me in the groove. The character drawings were scanned in and we're working on a means of ensuring a higher quality/discussing digital alternatives. As for the audio we recorded it in an echoey kitchen, it didn't occur to me to double check on the audio until we had everything recorded and I was already back home.
Either way, hopefully all of these aspects are going to be improved upon by the next game that has already entered production.

Once again, great to hear from you again!

Awesome. Came here for boners, got this instead. Had a great time.

DeSaGames responds:

This might be one of my favourite reviews ever.