Reviews for "TRANSformers"

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Did anyone else pause the video at 49 seconds to read the entire article "You're a White Male. How Dare You."? And some of the other articles too. Good stuff. But you kind of stole the joke from Futurama of Bender finding the Crushinator sexy and having a lurid sexcapade with, um, it. Really though, the most important point here I think is when Megatron punches the fembot, who was shooting at him, that that is somehow unacceptable. If gender equality was what feminists really wanted, then that should be far MORE acceptable to them now than ever before. Gender equality bitches! Remember that? That thing you all claim to be after? You want it? You don't get to complain about it when you get it. What, she's supposed to be able to shoot him but just be protected by the magic shield of femininity so she gets to do anything with impunity? Nuh uh, equality don't work that way, bitches. But the copcar transformer shooting the black man was just the right amount of awkward, and perfectly executed.

This is pure genius ! Added to my favorites. Its funny and pathetic how the modern culture in the west is so pathetically political correct.

um what the actual fuck did i just watch?

quality- v funny and great art