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Reviews for "CH7: Cyber City"

yeah very nice game again is perfect *.*

I give this reboot a 2.5/5,for various aspects.
1. The already-mentioned wonky hitboxes...
2. Damian is tooooooooooo slow. This,paired with above and below,makes it a real pain in the ass.
3. RNG.
Now,to the enemies:
Nothing special,except the fact that he might spawn in your face and allahu ackbar you.
In Hell mode,he gets immune to your bullets...as if that made a difference.
Heaven Mode? It's easy as shit compared to the other ones,due to the chain reaction of the bombs.
Here,this is where the game's problems shine:
The thing randomly shoots very fast bullets in a pattern. Wouldn't be bad if Damian didn't have such wonky (s)hitboxes.
Hell Mode is simply "follow it and hope not to die"
Cyber Face:
When you see Face,you know Dan is running out of ideas. It's simply Indestructorb,but now you have to aim.
Making opponent 3 easier than opponent 2?
Simply camp in the middle/upper corner and hope not to die.
Hell Mode: I don't see any difference...
Heaven Mode:Making him invisible? What's the point of it? You STILL have to camp hoping the pheg dies.
Cyber Knight:
The lasers give you very little reaction time,wich is extremely frustrating when combined with the slowness of Damn-ian.
Hell Mode adds two TNDs. They have Hell Mode look,but get actually hit by bullets. What the hell?
Heaven Mode: The claws and bullets are particularly bastard,mostly due to the fact that they will appear right when you're stuck in a corner. Plus that green bullet blends in the lasers.
Glitchual,but you do not have to aim.
Hell Mode:Now spawns slower bullets,wich dont do crap.

I've seen better games made by you.
Please don't take this as an insult,i'm a big fan of you,but it pretty disappointed me this time.

What's with the ending?
A green Damian appears and gets shot/trashtalked to by Damian...
Strange...it's not the first time I said this.

Where download the sountrack?

type heckmodeomgz for hell mode
ifailedthem for heaven mode
thank me later

best soundtrack EVAAAAAAAAAR

What a fun adventure i had, rolling through this game. A wonderful 2 hours and 46 minutes, spent on only the Cyber Knight on Heaven Mode. Overall, very fun game, nostalgic, but the Cyber Knight on Heaven Mode was just a heinous catastrophe. Still, 5 stars for a great game.