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Reviews for "CH7: Cyber City"

heckmodeomgsz for hell mode, ifailedthem for heaven mode and i give up on that last but one level, just nowhere to hide. nice music.

Decent level of difficulty, but I find that the background was super annoying - especially during level two when the pace is quickened with difficulty becoming well... more difficulty; although, you probably did that on purpose as it seems to be greatly retro inspired. Giving you three stars for the effort, and because as somebody who has never even tried making their own game, I can easily say that it isn't like I could do better :P

So, Im giving this CH:6.6 reboot a 2.5/5, not because it´s a bad game at it´s core. But because, like most of the time, you executed very poorly.

I don´t know if you ever consider any of the suggestion the players make for the better when you create a game. At this point its obvious that you either don´t care and make games purely for fun (which is absolutely fine, and there is 0 wrong with it, my respects to that) or you just don´t know how to design some aspects of your games properly, regardless of how countless times the flaws are written in the reviews.

Here are my points:

This apparently is a must have in your games: Wonky hitboxes, even if a fraction of a pixel of your really big character touches anything, you have to start the level again. On top of that, the character movement feels very unprecise due to how slowly it moves.

The bright pallete of colors can make your eyes hurt, and this is not an overexaggerated joke the moment you have to fight the Cyber Face battle whose attacks are in a very irritating fast-blinking white/black color.

Most of the bosses, the Hell mode and Heaven mode ones in particular, have way too much HP while being incredibly dull and repetitive, and to top it off most bosses in Hell-Heaven mode don´t increase the challenge at all. To make things worse, everything is controlled by RNG, I´ll get into that later. Shout outs to:

-The bat, hooray, now in Hell mode I have to aim at the bombs so its the same, but takes longer, and in Heaven mode 4 of them fill the screen with bombs so quickly that the chain reaction of explosions kill them even faster than the first boss.

-The star, AKA: stay on the left, avoid the points and the star will eventually die. This applies to all 3 battles, including the epilepsy inducing Cyber Face one.

-The big brain guy, whose 3 battles play exactly the same, it doesnt matter you make him move and invisible, the battle is still "avoid the claws for what it feels an eternity and eventually the enemy will die by interfering the trajectory of your slow bullets"

-The eyes are the only 3 bosses that they felt like moderately well designed battles, the thing is when the speed increases after reaching certain HP threshold the change in direction feels so erratic and out of nowhere that will catch you with you guard down. This is not a problem but when coupled with the bad player hitbox and that the twin balls (2nd battle) when they bounce on each other they make a weird rebounce between them due to the non circular hitboxes (I believe the hitbox is pixelated, I might be wrong) it can be. Also, making the balls in the 3rd battle NOT bounce on each other and making one shoot in 4 directions sporadically, quickly makes situations were you are cornered out of nowhere without being able to react the moment the ball starts moving faster. The character just doesnt move quickly or precisely enough to be fair, but it´s beatable.

-Indestructorb, AKA: The star boss you fought previously... But easier because you dont have to aim. More bullets? Who cares, avoiding them is that that much of a challenge and the thing is, in Hell mode there are bullets that move slower and others that move faster, I guess this was made to make the pathing harder, but considering that the bullets are RNGenerated, the battle is even easier because more often than not, there are more slow bullets on the screen than faster ones.

-Saved the demon thing for last, because apparently the 3rd battle is the final boss, and I say "apparently" because it´s so unfair, RNG and poorly designed that I just did not care to beat it.
Both the first and the second battle force you to camp the left side of the screen because the lasers come up at a rate that doesnt allow your character to move out of them if you happen to be in the middle, so, by camping the left side you can "hide" half of your character out of the screen so you fit in the left space that the vertical lasers leave, so you only have to care about the ones coming horizontally, and mandatory "just do that until the bad guy eventually dies", and dont be fooled by the second battle adding bats making it any more difficult (ok sometimes, RNG screws you over and makes the bomb spawn in your face but its unlikely).

The problem with the 3rd battle is that, if RNG decides, it´ll spawn claws in the same space you have to fit your character to avoid the laser and with enough anticipation to shoot 3 bullets to kill one claw; to top it off, random green bullets that can´t be seen through the lasers at a speed that it´s quite hard to react when you have to fit your poorly designed hitbox through all of the things mentioned earlier. And by the way, you are expected to also be shooting a monster that teleports randomly through the screen. Your character hitbox, size, speed and controls are not designed to avoid all of that without luck being involved, and thats the moment you know the battle isnt designed the way it should have been. There are way to many moments where you die because the RNG inevitably traps you instantly with a 0% chance to escape in between claws, lasers, and green squares that appear at an absurd, random rate.

I love challenges in videogames, and a prove of that is that I finished some of your hardest games, including: MADNESS Family Duels and Splattergrounds. Those were decently designed, because it came down to figuring out a very strict pattern and pulling said pattern off with your skill, not some random bullshit poping out of position on the screen killing you in a unfair, unavoidable way.

If said challenge is just not well done and determined by RNG, It´s just a frustrating repetitive mess. Beatable? Sure, but do I want to invest my time in beating it knowing it all comes down to luck and not 100% skill? Probably not.

To be honest, I won´t even go into the graphics or sound of the game: they are in the same line as your overall creations, with the same reused sound effects from all the games you have made. Nothing too noteworthy, the music selection was fitting.

Please don´t take this as a personal offense, as I mentioned, if you post your games 100% for the fun of making them, fantastic, but to the overall critical playerbase (or to the very least, me only) it just feels like your games could be potentially better, but you just don´t want to and you keep making the same design mistakes.

-The game is meh. There are many "like this game but better" games out there. Still a fun time killer.
-The hitbox/design problems from your previous games prevail.
-Some battles (the final boss in particular) are incredibly unfair due to a poor RNG management and design. You have made better challenging final bosses before.
-It´s cool if you do games for the lulz...
-... but as a reviewer, I feel I have to point out the flaws of the game.

See ya. And good luck.

PD: Excuse my non english-native grammar.

Well made. cannot wait for the next game

yeah very nice game again is perfect *.*