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Reviews for "CH7: Cyber City"

Where download the sountrack?

I give this reboot a 2.5/5,for various aspects.
1. The already-mentioned wonky hitboxes...
2. Damian is tooooooooooo slow. This,paired with above and below,makes it a real pain in the ass.
3. RNG.
Now,to the enemies:
Nothing special,except the fact that he might spawn in your face and allahu ackbar you.
In Hell mode,he gets immune to your bullets...as if that made a difference.
Heaven Mode? It's easy as shit compared to the other ones,due to the chain reaction of the bombs.
Here,this is where the game's problems shine:
The thing randomly shoots very fast bullets in a pattern. Wouldn't be bad if Damian didn't have such wonky (s)hitboxes.
Hell Mode is simply "follow it and hope not to die"
Cyber Face:
When you see Face,you know Dan is running out of ideas. It's simply Indestructorb,but now you have to aim.
Making opponent 3 easier than opponent 2?
Simply camp in the middle/upper corner and hope not to die.
Hell Mode: I don't see any difference...
Heaven Mode:Making him invisible? What's the point of it? You STILL have to camp hoping the pheg dies.
Cyber Knight:
The lasers give you very little reaction time,wich is extremely frustrating when combined with the slowness of Damn-ian.
Hell Mode adds two TNDs. They have Hell Mode look,but get actually hit by bullets. What the hell?
Heaven Mode: The claws and bullets are particularly bastard,mostly due to the fact that they will appear right when you're stuck in a corner. Plus that green bullet blends in the lasers.
Glitchual,but you do not have to aim.
Hell Mode:Now spawns slower bullets,wich dont do crap.

I've seen better games made by you.
Please don't take this as an insult,i'm a big fan of you,but it pretty disappointed me this time.

What's with the ending?
A green Damian appears and gets shot/trashtalked to by Damian...
Strange...it's not the first time I said this.

Why can't we change the quality on this? It starts lagging bad on some levels to the point the lag is mostly what's killing you, especially on some of the heaven stages.

I almost think some of the lag might be alleviated if the bullets were simply solid white, rather than flashing white/black, combined with, you know, an actual quality control option.

Had fun, but cheated by staying off the border of the level and shooting.

Happy Robot Day! I admit to being kind of confused as this had little to do with robots. Okay, I guess the enemies were robots. Well, not all of them. One was an eyeball. Was the eyeball meant to be mechanical?

I do appreciate how I could past the first couple of bosses. There was something different with them. It just got repetitive. Still, it was satisfying to play. It's just those secret medals, I guess.