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Reviews for "SKULL CHAINZ"

FCKING IDIOTS. Idk if i'm supposed to share the obvious secret to playing this game or keep my highscore of 89, but reading all these comments make me cringe. Guys, you're supposed to play while PAUSING THE GAME every now and again. Of course you can't play it continuously holding down the mouse, you HAVE to lift it up to pause, reassess the situation, then quickly reposition while keeping momentum to flail. Jesus Christ man, giving such a good game low scores just because u dont know how to play lmao cmon newgrounds

aye, wow alot of people here are a little bit arrogant. Learn to play the game, it's actually not hard at all. You don't have to hold the skull continously. smh

hard, but fair! the differences between the skulls is a neat feature and the game is fairly simple once you get a handle on it

This is a hard game that makes you play more.
those are my favorites :)

Really needs more space...