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Reviews for "SKULL CHAINZ"

The idea is really itneresting, but it's extremely easy to die without accomplishing much. The only way to survive is to endlessly spin the flail in circles since the start, and as soon as you lose momentum or an enemy enters the "flail circle", you're pretty much done for
It doesn't help that the enemies spawn incessantly and at a high rate since the beginning and that it take only one hit for you to die.

Cool idea and the description made me snort. Although it seems a tad too difficult, given that you get killed in one hit and the enemies take two hits or more and you never have any sort of info on how to get upgrades, also, maybe it's my pc that it's bad, but the game lags annoyingly, and I get insta-killled constantly because of that. Apart from that, the music and the bit style are cool and the concept behind it is still solid

cool but really laggy

Seems difficult, this could have been a good game. But the mechanic is kind of harder than you'd expect. And it does seem unfair that 1 hit is an instant kill, it took me several tries to hit someone. The enemy can easily get close enough where you are definitely dead, It is close yet you can't attack it, it is like holding a spear and someone could kill you in 1 second is right in front of you. Seems kind of unfair..

Title and music are good. The fact that you die in one hit while it takes two to three to kill an enemy at the very beginning makes it very difficult to progress and enjoy the game. Flail mechanic makes sense due to the nature of it being a flail and thus the type of weapon . I had seven enemies going after me at one time as I swung my flail through the entire group. The game only registered me hitting one of them. I really hope this is just a bug that can be fixed. I had to make the regular view of my screen go from 100% down to 60% to fit the game's screen on mine. At my normal view I was blind to a majority of the game area. The description speaks of upgrades yet when I die I never get the option to do so. How does that work? What do you have to do? How long do you need to survive for? What's going to keep me from dying early on so I can get better ones? This is a reminder I am trying not to be an arse but, this game has a great theme and concept. I want to see it be successful and get up to five stars but, even though I want to see that happen I firmly believe that the issues I brought up in this review are relevant and need to be addressed. If you read this I thank you for taking the time to do so.