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Reviews for "SKULL CHAINZ"

The space is too narrow, the game mechanic would be best explored with more space

It looks, sounds, and feels great.

It's too hard though. I like hard games. But not when they're hard due to bad design choices. Not allowing the chain to do anything, only the point at the end of it makes this way too hard. Sorry.

You should factor in author incremental skill when balancing difficultly. I've made games that people found impossible that I thought were easy because I was there playing the shit out of it every step of the way.

When I took a step back and watched people play it I realized... oh this is actually badly tuned. Over tuned basically.

Game should be much higher than two stars but it's not really playable.

This is a hard game that makes you play more.
those are my favorites :)

Cool game! Pretty difficult though!

Really, really cool game!! But it difinately needs a high score table! However I like the idea a lot. Graphics and sounds are awesome as well!