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Reviews for "SKULL CHAINZ"

yea more space an itd have potential

This game looks, and sounds great. However, there are a lot of problems here.

First, the biggest problem is the lack of space. Your flail requires a bit of room to get going, and with how small the game area is, it simply doesn't allow you to do what you need to defeat your enemies, and leaves you, more often than not, backed into a corner where you can't do anything. Make the game area bigger to give players some wiggle room if they're going to have to swing their weapon around in a circle to build momentum.

Second, the enemies move a little too fast to hit reliably. Slow them down a little, or halve their HP, because they play really heavily into not having enough space.

Third, where are the upgrades? Do you get them after a certain amount of time, or is there a menu where I can upgrade the skull flail? And what exactly do you use to buy upgrades with?

yeah ok; sort of game made in 30 seconds,concept is cool, game is god-awfùl as it is right now

Terrible. Horrible. Poorly implimented. Can't do a thing.

Really needs more space...