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Reviews for "Mighty Dragons"

Your Game looks awesome and make so much fun to play. I love it <3

Jbert000 responds:

Glad you like it! Thank you.

Great game - An issue to be fixed would be to stop dead bodies to block shots - annoying thing, especially on higher levels.

Jbert000 responds:

I wanted dead bodies blocking shots to be part of the challenge. I'll see if I can do something to implement it better.

hello and nice game,
unlike other i feel the difference in use of skillpoints (already over 100) but that goes only for stage 1-33/36, after that it s difficult to say if your skills matter when you miss the necessary items for the synergy.
After that to stage 60+ you can say, now only matter your ability to doge and collect.
If the most necessary items are active (dotted fruits, magnets, glasse, popper and healfactors) you can overcome stage 70+, otherwise you see a swarm of enemy you no longer are able to doge.
So, now my point of concern, after a certain point in stage 70+ (depending on my items)
-it takes me up to 10 min to clear the stage (far too many mobs)
-no matter what i will never get all items (after stage 100+, missing atleast 10 items)
-there is only one item each for golem and ghost (if I dont have them it s literally hell)
[i dont know if golems even pop!!!]
-if slow moving enemy approach([the flying bastards] ghost, mummy or especially golem), my game slows down as soon as I shoot with more than 10 of them on screen, simply because other kind of enemys (bumping ones) are coming as well [ <- my most annoying problem]
--continuing from my last point, there are stages with only one kind of enemy (bumping ones[I like them even if it s just a drag]), but mixed enemy stages as soon one flying kind comes

So my conclusion:
super top game to stage 60
unnecessary difficult spike at 70 otherwise
a drag after some point (90+) or a lose if you have bad rng (golem)

my opinion
it would be nice if there were more items like dotted fruits or popper that work overall with the game instead specific situations

my suggestion for the late game
after stage 75+ or so your ability as a player doesnt matter much and it becomes repetitive, so
unlock or change the stage to time attack or boss rush

So I am no native speaker so I hope everything was understandable
and thank you again for this great game

Jbert000 responds:

Hi moasda,

I didn't expect people to get to waves 70+, but then again some of my friends and players like you come and completely destroy the game and reach waves 100+ (oops). I'd like to add more dotted fruits but I'm out of ideas. Ideally I'd like to have new enemies/bosses after wave 30 but I'm getting a bit tired of working on this project and might take a little break from it and come back to it later. I agree with your suggestions and I'll try to tweak the game a bit soon.

Always like hearing suggestions for the game (especially from those who enjoy it!), thank you!

It's a fun game. I'm guessing everyone who's made it to level 60+ must have better computers than mine, I get major lag around level 39.

Jbert000 responds:

That's too bad. With updates coming to WebGL it will probably improve sometime in the future. Thanks for playing!

Really good game. It's beautiful and the variety of enemies and bosses is pretty fun.

I wish the hearts were worth more HP or appeared more often... Getting hit in the first level = 19 points of damage, I think? And each heart is only worth 5 HP.
Also, some upgrades, like Fury, wear off faster than a level can begin. What's the point if it doesn't last longer than it takes to activate it from a chest and a new chain of monsters to appear? I see that I can add points into it from leveling to make things like that last longer, but I shouldn't have to add points into it just to make it relevant.

Jbert000 responds:

I recently changed it so only 5 HP hearts drop from enemies. It's tough finding the right balance but I'll increase the heart drop rate a bit more and maybe add the 10 HP hearts back too.

For the frenzy item - I didn't even think about but it makes sense. I'll update timed items to only countdown once the wave starts (or when an enemy is on the screen).

Helpful feedback! Thank you.

- Update: I slightly increased heart drop rates + added possible 10hp heart drops (Version 1.2). Should be better but might change it again after more testing!